Computer iconDECEMBER 11TH 2014 9.00AM (EST) - 6.00PM (EST)

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Registration for AccountingWEB Live is free – in fact, you can watch the entire event for free if you want – however there is a $20 fee for each session should you want to receive CPE credit. When you register, we'll send you all the information you need about when and where to log in to view the event, and we'll tell you what you need to know to make sure you can receive the live video broadcast.
You can watch AccountingWEB Live from your desktop or laptop computer, your tablet, or your smartphone. CPE credit is available no matter which device you use. If you work in an office with others, we recommend that you display AccountingWEB Live on a monitor in your conference room. Pass out an agenda to all the members of your firm and suggest that they come to the conference room to watch the sessions as a group. AccountingWEB Live is designed to trigger new ideas and suggestions that you can implement in your practice. Share the ideas with your colleagues and make an action plan while you are watching the event. Order sandwiches and make a day of it!
Earn CPE credits
Gain CPE credits
If you watch AccountingWEB Live by yourself, you will need to verify your attendance by submitting three random numbers which will be given to you during each of the sessions. When you are finished watching all of the sessions you want to attend click the CERTIFICATION link that will appear on the conference page, and follow the instructions to submit the random numbers and register for CPE. At this time you will be asked to pay $20 per session. You only pay for the sessions for which you want to receive CPE credit. There is no charge to watch the sessions if you don't need CPE credit.

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